Bethlehem Children’s Outreach


This upcoming weekend we will be conducting our much-anticipated annual family conference in the ancient Biblical city of Bethlehem. Before that though, we will be making a detour to visit two very important places in Bethlehem—the Home of Peace orphanage and the Bethlehem Children’s Hospital.

These two institutions are both run by Nuns who reached out to us for aid, as they are going through a difficult financial time and need all the help they can get.  As you can see in the video above, our team prepared more than 100 boxes of food, clothing, shoes, school backpacks, and school supplies to bless the dear children that the nuns are taking care off.

We feel that the Lord is leading us to expand our horizons to be a blessing to many more communities in Israel, Bethlehem being one of them. We also don’t want this outreach to be a singular project, but we hope to continue supporting this orphanage and children’s hospital in Bethlehem with much-needed humanitarian aid on a regular basis.

We would like to invite you to stand with us in this worthy endeavor through your prayers and support, to bring love and compassion to the children of Bethlehem, where the Savior Himself was born. Bethlehem is called “The House of Bread” and we will be sowing good seed into the soil there, trusting God for a mighty harvest.

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