Blessing Holocaust Survivors and Orphaned Soldiers for Rosh Hashana

The Lord has opened a wonderful door of opportunity for us to be a blessing to the Jewish people, through collaboration with the Israeli non-profit organization “Yad Ezer le Chaver” (Helping Hand to a Friend). This organization provides all kinds of humanitarian and social support to Holocaust Survivors and orphaned soldiers in the land of Israel.

Just this past week we delivered 50 special Rosh Hashanah food boxes to their distribution center, and these boxes have been lovingly prepared and packaged with a variety of food items and ingredients in celebration of the Jewish New Year of “Rosh Hashanah.” The fact that we as a community of Arab believers have reached out to help the Jewish people has made a tremendous impact on the staff and beneficiaries of “Yad Ezer le Chaver.” They have literally never seen anything like it, where a demographic that is often marginalized in Israel chooses to show unconditional love and generosity to Israelis, in the name of Jesus Christ.

This act of love caused many from among them to ask the question: “Why are you doing this?” which then gave us the opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ and the love of Jesus that compels us. They were shocked and many asked for prayer, and for more information about our faith in Jesus. This project in collaboration with “Yad Ever le Chaver” was a powerful platform through which the reality of the love of Jesus was demonstrated to many Israelis, and will continue to do so.

We were so blessed to also receive a Certifate of Gratitude from the organization, to express their heartfelt thanks for the blessing that HomeJTK and our partners have been to the Holocaust Survivors and orphaned soldiers in Israel. The team at Yad Ezer le Chaver was overjoyed at our help, and they confessed that they have been praying for help in the run-up to Rosh Hashana, and that we had been an answer to prayer.

This collaboration is a part of our Bridge Builders Project that seeks to restore and repair bridges of friendship, love and cooperation between Arbs and Jews in Israel. This is one of the commission that God had given us, to be an expression of the One New Man in Christ, with Arab and Jew worshipping Jesus together as the Sons and Daughters of Abraham,

We still have an additional 100 Rosh Hashanah food boxes and electric kettles to deliver to Ukrainian Jewish Refugees next week, as they prepare to celebrate their very first Rosh Hashanah in Israel! You can provide a family of Ukrainian Jewish Refugees with this special Rosh Hashanah food box and an electric kettle at $70 per family. Perhaps your home group or church would even like to bless multiple families. No seed is too big or too small, and every bit of help is appreciated. Thank you and God bless!