Blessing Holocaust Survivors


There are few things as precious as blessing and caring for Holocaust Survivors. There are so few of them left in the world, especially here in Israel, and they have seen horrors that few can imagine. I believe that we as the church are called to reveal to Holocaust Survivors authentic Christianity and what the love of God really looks like, in contrast to what they saw during the Second World War.

At HomeJTK we are preparing for a special monthly initiative to bless Holocaust Survivors in our neighboring Jewish city of Nof HaGalil. The Lord has blessed us as an Israeli Arab community with a wonderful relationship with the city hall of Nof Hagalil, allowing us to be a direct testimony to the Holocaust Survivors, Ukrainian and Russian refugees, and new Jewish immigrants living there.

Our team got together and assembled 60 toiletries gift packs to distribute to the Holocaust Survivors referred to us by the Nof Hagalil leadership. These gift packs contain a big bathroom towel, toothpaste and a tooth brush, a hair brush, deodorant, shampoo, and shower-gel. It’s our earnest desire to be a demonstration  of the true and unconditional love of Yeshua (Jesus) through acts of kindness and compassion in this project.

In addition to giving these gifts to them, we will also be spending time with them to hear their stories, to get to know them as friends, and to pray with them. What we are trying to also do here, is to restore bridges between Jews and Arabs in Israel, and to build greater friendship and peace between our communities to the benefit of all.

There are many more that we can help when we work together. This is a chance for us to collaborate on something very unique to bless the Jewish people who lived through the Holocaust as children, and to lift up the name of Yeshua in their midst. To partner with us in this worthy cause, please visit us at, or click HERE, to take action. Thank you and God bless!