Blessing the Jewish People of Nof Hagalil in Collaboration with the City Hall

We have developed a very special friendship with the mayor and town council of our neighboring Jewish town of Nof Hagalil over the years, and I firmly believe that it was a divine appointment by God that established this special relationship.

Mayor Ronen Plot already knows that he and his team can always count on Home of Jesus the King Church to help needy Jewish families, especially during the biblical holidays. Our collaboration with the city council of Nof Hagali has been a tremendous testimony to their Jewish community of the reconciliation that can be achieved through the love of Christ.

Our relationship with Nof Hagalil started as a miracle back in 2020. The Lord had asked me back then, when Covid had broken out, to reach out to the Jewish people with the love of Jesus to help in their time of need. I told the Lord that I would be glad to, as long as the mayor is the one who answers the phone when I call!

It was 7:30 AM when I picked up the phone and dialed the number for the Nof Hagalil city hall’s reception desk. The doors were only to open at 8:00 AM, but I felt stirred in my spirit to call right there and then. The phone got picked up and the voice on the line asked how he could help me.

I said that the Lord had instructed me to speak to the mayor to collaborate in blessing the Jewish people. The man then answered by saying that his name was Ronen Plot, and that he was the mayor! Hallelujah!

I shared with the mayor what the Lord had laid on my heart, and he invited me to come and talk with him about how we could work together as Jew and Arab.

Ever since then Home of Jesus the King Church had been involved in blessing the Jewish people of Nof Hagalil during all the Biblical feast days, with all kinds of humanitarian aid. It has been such a blessing to see the light of Jesus reach people’s hearts as we share His words and His love through our projects.

I’m also ever so thankful to each and every one of our partners who are enabling us to promote the Gospel message and the practical love of the Lord through their support. You are truly making a difference, which will continue to grow in effect as time goes by. Thank you so much!