Building Bridges—Arab and Jew Working Together for the Sake of Israel


It’s always a wonderful blessing when we get to take hands with our Jewish brothers and sisters here in Israel, in order to provide aid to Israelis in need. Just this past week we got to work with our dear friends from “Yad Ezer la Chaver” (Helping Hand for a Friend) again to provide essential aid for those in need during this winter season. Baruch is the founder of this wonderful charity, and we have been working together for many years, which is testament to the favor that God has shown us over the years, in building valuable and fruitful relationship with Jewish organizations in Israel.

Through the financial support of our partners, our team at Home of Jesus the King Church were able to prepare more than 100 care packages consisting of toiletries, blankets, shoes, and clothing. These hampers would then be collected by Baruch, who would then distribute the care hampers to Jewish families in need, as well as lone soldiers, in the Israeli cities of Haifa and Katzrin. These care hampers will be a big blessing to these dear ones, as the toiletries, blankets, clothing and shoes are all of high quality and very much needed for the rainy season.

It’s truly an amazing thing to see how God has opened the doors for Jews and Arabs to cooperate in this manner, in order to bless the nation of Israel in a time of war. Through our act of providing essential aid to Jewish Israelis in need, we are not just helping them, but we’re also being a powerful testimony to the love of Jesus. In the video above you can see how dearly Baruch is thanking our partners and friends. Together with you, we are bridge builders and peacemakers here in Israel. Your precious support and prayers enable us to help even more families in need. Thank you so much!