Celebrating Mothers all throughout the Middle East!

This past weekend was a very special time for mothers in Israel, and throughout the Middle East as Mother’s Day was celebrated. This is a separate celebration from the international Mother’s Day and is a Middle-Eastern tradition from time immemorial.

At Home of Jesus the King Church we make a very big deal of Mothers Day, as we understand how important and precious mothers are in the greater scheme of God’s plans and how critical they are in creating a strong family unit. Our mothers reflect a very special aspect of the heart of Jesus, in the way that they nurture, rear, and protect their children. Praise God for our dear mothers!

During this weekend’s Mother’s Day celebration we invited the mothers at Home of Jesus the King Church for a special time together. We prepared a variety of cakes and all manner of treats, as well as coffee and tea without which no celebration is complete. We also prepared special gift packs for each mother, which were presented to them by the children of Home of Jesus the King Church.

The children sang a number of songs for the mothers, and also put on a little performance to emphasize how valued and precious the mothers at church are to us. The children also offered up prayers for all the mothers, which was very touching to witness. On one of the cakes, a special scripture was written from Isaiah 62:3, that reads “You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the hand of your God” in honor of our mothers.

It was a blessed time together in the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we had a great time honoring our mothers. We hope that you might be able to join us next time here in Israel for the Middle Eastern version of Mother’s Day. You are welcome and our doors are open to you all!