Comforting a Fallen Soldier’s Mother


The war in Israel has touched the lives of everybody in the nation, in one way or another. Some had family members serving in the military, others served in the army themselves, while others were under near constant rocket fire from Gaza. And then there are those who have lost loved ones to the war. One such person is a dear Jewish lady named Olga, whose son was serving as a soldier and who fell in Gaza. There is no greater sorrow for a mother than to lose her only child.

We went to visit Olga as she spent a week in mourning, according to Jewish tradition, while receiving loved ones and visitors who came to offer their condolences and comfort. We went to Olga, to pray with her and to show her the love of Jesus during this heartbreaking time in her life.  Her son’s name was Ilya, and he was her only child. We wanted to comfort her according to the Bible’s instruction in Isaiah 40:1 that says “Comfort, comfort my people.”

Olga was very thankful that we as Arab believers reached out to her, and came to comfort her. She received us warmly and started sharing about her son.

I understood in my heart that this was the time to listen to Olga share her heart. After she had spoken, I told her that the Lord would comfort her and help her, and that she would see her son again one day in Heaven.

I also told Olga that although she had lost a son, she has gained all of us at HomeJTK as her family members.

During our visit with Olga, we also got to meet the commander of Ilya’s brigade, who is a Druze Israeli. He had also come to offer comfort and condolences to Olga. We also spent some time with another high-ranking officer who came to see Olga, and we shared with him a bit about HomeJTK and about of our love for the Jewish people and Israel.

It was a very special testimony and a great comfort to the family, especially that we as Arab believers came to be with Olga in her time of mourning, to offer her comfort and prayer.

This is what we are called to be—the hands and feet of Jesus as peacemakers and bridge builders in Israel. Amen.