Discover Rosh Hanikra – Part 1

I recently had the privilege of taking a group of visitors from the US to experience the gorgeous northern Israeli kibbutz of Rosh Hanikra. This scenic location lies on the Mediterranean coast, and borders with Lebanon to the north. It’s a truly memorable place for tourists to enjoy, and you also get to experience an impressive sea-cave system carved from the mountain through the continuous battering of the ocean waves. 

This cave system was in itself a testimony to me and the group with me, in that something as soft as water could carve into a mountainside over the millennia. All it takes is endurance, time and a sense of purpose. This is the same way that we overcome obstacles in our lives.

When the Lord reveals our destiny to us, the devil would often come with obstacles and challenges in our path. It’s easy to become discouraged during those times, and wander astray from the path that God had set us on, but if we keep our eyes on Jesus and never give up, then we will also reach our destination in Him. The Holy Spirit empowers us to do the impossible! Don’t let obstacles destroy your dreams, but let your dreams destroy your obstacles. Amen!

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