Dubai Conference Praise Report

It was so special to be able to attend the Middle-East Conference in Dubai with my dear friend and brother, Pastor Israel Pochtar. For an Israeli Jew and Arab to jointly attend such a prestigious conference for ministers from all over the Middle East was a first. People there are used to seeing Pastors and leaders from countries like Saudi Arabia, Syria and Jordan, but they were shocked to see an Israeli Jew and Arab preaching and ministering together as One New Man in Christ.

At the conference, we met people from all over the Middle East, and it was such a blessing to form new friendships and strengthen ties between Israel and the Arab nations. There was a palpable sense of imminent revival in the spirit, and many ministers there also prophesied that renewal and harvest were coming to the Middle East. Even though we were from many different nations, we felt united in the Spirit and called to work together and pray for one another as never before.

In Acts 3 we read how Peter and John went up to the temple together, and on the way met a man lame from birth. As the man was about to ask them for money, Peter commanded the man, “Look at us!” Notice that Peter didn’t say “Look at me,” but said, ”Look at us.” And by the time they entered the temple, there were three people. The Lord showed me a powerful message in this picture.

At the Middle East Conference, I saw myself as Peter and John. Even though we were ministering together as Jew and Arab, that was the picture the Holy Spirit illuminated in my heart. Through this collaboration as an Israeli Jew and Arab, I saw in my heart how God would bring along that “third” person to the temple, and would be a key to revival in Israel and the Middle East.

When people see the love and unity between Arabs and Jews in Jesus, they are provoked to a holy jealousy and be drawn to the cross. God will use that picture of the One New Man to awaken people and tell them, “Look at Us!” and we will enter the temple along with many more.

I believe that we will see more and more examples of collaboration between Jews and Arabs in the Middle-East as One New Man in Christ, and we will see the days that the prophets longed to see. The time of revival in Israel and the Middle East is near. Please stand with us in prayer towards spiritual transformation in the Middle East and that the sons and daughters of Abraham will come home to Jesus, amen!