Freedom in Worship at HomeJTK

We thank God for what He’s been doing at Home of Jesus the King Church! The Lord has been building up a culture of passionate worship and unity unlike anything we’ve seen before, and a fresh realization of the importance of congregating as a fellowship has been birthed in our hearts. It’s exciting times, and we look forward to seeing more of God’s glory at Home of Jesus the King Church!

During these difficult and challenging times throughout the world, people are flocking back to the house of God, seeking hope and peace. Therefore it’s now more important than ever for us as believers to serve God wholeheartedly. 

We are to teach our fellow man that the physical world is temporary, but that the spiritual world is eternal. We are to seek God and search the scriptures to understand how we need to live our lives in a manner that pleases God in this season.

Last Friday night at Home of Jesus the King Church we enjoyed a wonderful time of worship, as you can see from the video above. The Lord moved powerfully among us, and our people enjoyed a wonderful time of adoration and joy before His throne. 

The Levites used to march at the head of Israel’s armies, praising God, for the Lord inhabits the praises of His people, and thus He goes before us! When we struggle and face hard times, we need to praise and worship the Lord with all of our hearts, as it brings such wonderful comfort, peace, and strength into our lives. Amen!