Helping Families Affected by the War


It has been a very busy time for us here at Home of Jesus the King Church, as we’ve been packing, preparing and distributing food boxes and other essential humanitarian aid for families affected by the war. Our war relief project has been going well, and as part of our collaboration with a number of Jewish Israeli organizations, we have been able to bless multitudes of Israeli families who live under rocket fire, or who have been displaced.

Our relationship with the city hall of our neighboring Jewish town of Nof Hagalil has been especially important for us, and our friendship has strengthened tremendously over the years. This past week we received a team from Nof Hagalil, including the mayor, Ronen Plot, who came to see our war relief project in action, and to take delivery of food boxes, toiletries, clothes, and coffee stove kits for displaced families who are being accommodated in Nof Hagalil. These displaced families are from the areas around Gaza, as well as next to the border with Lebanon.

In the video you can see our team in action, as well a conversation that Pastor Saleem is having with Erez, assistant to the mayor of Nof HaGalil. It’s really touching to hear Erez’ words, which also testifies to the bridges of cooperation and reconciliation that HomeJTK has been building with our Jewish neighbors. In the photos below you can also see the families gathered in Nof HaGalil to receive the goods sent by HomeJTK, through the generosity of our friends and partners all over the world.

Thank you partners! You are being a testimony of the love and goodness of Jesus Christ as you stand with our war relief effort. We would like to invite everybody to prayerfully consider standing with us in this worthy endeavor to aid families affected by the war, and o reveal to them the heart of Jesus through our actions. Please visit us at  Thank you and God bless!