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Nothing is worth more than investing in family. It is the very core of our community life, and it is what draws us closer to God and fuels our daily walk with Him, which is why we knew that organizing a Family Conference was so important and that it would turn out to be life changing for many in attendance.

The experience was truly heaven descending upon earth. God moved powerfully throughout the conference and touched people’s hearts through the taught messages and impacting worship.

We made sure to invite a lot of non-believers, and it was a truly remarkable experience for them to encounter Jesus in such a powerful way. After each session people would come and spend time with me just asking questions on how to live a life of faith in Jesus.

The teachings were very simple, yet impactful, ones people could relate to, receiving the message with an open and eager heart.

Some wonderful highlights from the conference:

Two families got saved, and a lady testified of how God touched her heart and changed her life. A brother shared how God had changed his heart about tithing through a vision, revealing to him the importance of tithing. Shortly after making this change in his life, God opened the windows of heaven for him and blessed him even more abundantly.

There was a lady who signed up to the conference just because she wanted to enjoy the time at the hotel, as the conference was subsidized, but since we made session attendance compulsory as a condition to signing up for the conference, she came and something extraordinary happened. God touched her heart, filled her with the Holy Spirit, and she began worshipping the Lord in spirit and truth. Her heart was transformed! She absolutely fell in love with the Lord and made amazing connections with our church members, so she decided to start attend our church.

The conference was an absolute Jesus celebration! Everybody loved being in God’s presence, worshipping, praising, praying for the sick and anointing people with oil. People felt so strengthened in their faith and their walk with Christ was taken to the next level.

The tremendous effort that went into organizing this conference was well worth it when you see the fruit of the conference. God loves people, and Investing in people will always be the best investment you’ll ever make. Amen!