HomeJTK Haifa Celebration!


I’m so happy to announce that we are back in full force with our weekly home church meetings in Haifa. The city of Haifa holds a very dear place in our hearts, as there are so many Arabs and Jews living together in this city, and it’s our heart’s desire to see reconciliation established between them, and Yeshua glorified in their midst.

As you can see from the video, we had a passionate group gathered together to worship the Lord, along with a number of children who accompanied their parents to the meeting. We spent precious time together in prayer, worship, and adoration of the Lord. We also opened the meeting for questions and answers, which was very strategic, as some of the new believers had important questions they needed answering about the faith and of Heaven.

I was so blessed to spend the time answering their questions as the Holy Spirit led me. I taught from the Bible and encouraged all present with the truth and power of God’s Word. With the eyes of my heart I saw our Haifa home church to be like a seed that will grow and produce much fruit, and that in time will see expansion and multiplication. I also extended a special invitation to the newcomers to join us for our upcoming family conference.

Please keep our Haifa church in your prayers, as we’re trusting God for great things, and for revival. Amen!