HomeJTK Shabbat Meeting — The Nations Worshipping Together

This past Shabbat we enjoyed an anointed time in the Lord’s presence with friends from the nations of England and France. It was such a beautiful expression of the unity and love that flows among God’s children when He dwells in their midst. During our time of praise and worship, we heard voices raised up to heaven in several languages—English, Arabic, French and Hebrew. How wonderful!

It was a taste of heaven touching earth, for one day in Heaven we will all worship the King as one family, brought together from many different nations and cultures. Unity in the body of Christ is a powerful witness to the world of the life-changing reality of salvation and the newness of life in Jesus.

Here at HomeJTK, our doors are always open to our friends like you! You’re always welcome to join us here for a time of fellowship and discovering the hometown of our Lord Jesus. We would love to see you here someday, so that we may worship the Lord and enjoy His presence together. Amen!