Making their first Winter in Israel a Warm One
Heaters Praise Report

Can you imagine having to flee your homeland and having to resettle your family in a brand-new country? That is the reality for thousands of Ukrainian refugees who have fled to Israel in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Now is the time for the church in Israel to shine and to come to the aid of these precious people who have lost everything.

In Matthew 14:16 we read the remarkable command that Jesus gave His disciples: “When the disciples were faced with so many hungry people who were following Jesus, Jesus said to his disciples, ‘You give them something to eat.’” And so, we do likewise. We use what the Lord has placed in our hands, and we take it to the poor.

In preparation for the cold Israeli winter, we prepared more than 100 quality electric heaters to distribute to Jewish Ukrainian refugees in our neighboring town of Nof HaGalil. It is the Lord’s desire to reveal to them His love, and for us to share the hope we have in His name, and to build lasting friendships between Arabs and Jews in His name.

It was a very special time together with these dear refugees, and I got to share about the work that we are doing at Home of Jesus the King Church , as well as about the love and hope that we have in Jesus. I went on to explain that we are one family of Israelis, and that we as Arab Christians are here because we love them and that we’re praying for them.

They were very thankful for our help, and were deeply touched to hear about Christians from around the world that care about them, and who are praying for them. It meant the world to them to know that God has not forgotten about them, and that He still has a plan for their lives. The fact that they also have an entire community of Arab believers that stand ready to help them in any way possible moved many of them to tears.

We encouraged them to stay in touch, and to visit us in Nazareth whenever they need help as our doors are always open to them. I look forward to seeing many of these dear ones again at our humanitarian center and church in Nazareth, and to pray with them, and continue to sow the love and the words of Jesus into their hearts.

To stand with us in blessing Ukrainian refugees in Israel, please prayerfully consider partnering with us!

Thank you and God bless!