Never Again
Visit to Amersfoort in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with wonderful people, and it has been such a privilege to minister and preach at various churches throughout the nation. God is moving in the Netherlands, and the fire and passion of the body of believers there is proof that revival is coming to Europe!

During my trip, I was able to visit a very historic city called Amersfoort, which has been a hub for Dutch Jewry for a long time. Many well-known Jewish families and figures of influence have come from there, and you will see me sharing more in the video below. Amersfoort was also the place where a great tragedy took place during the second world war.

Nazi Germany established a concentration camp just outside of Amersfoort that served as a processing center and prison for Jews. During WWII, more than half the Jewish population of Amersfoort were taken to Auschwitz where they perished during the Holocaust.

Today Amersfoort serves as a memorial to all those who had lost their lives in the Holocaust, and many places and plaques have been built to honor their memory. The local synagogue still stands there and serves as a powerful prophetic reminder of God’s Word. Join me now for a virtual tour of Amersfoort as I share more about its history.