Our Kids Praying for Peace

We recently held an event during our Shabbat service at Home of Jesus the King Church where we had our children pray and intercede for peace between Arabs and Jews, as well as for the peace of Jerusalem, during this time of war. The dear little ones went on stage and started reading scriptures that they had selected beforehand, and lifted their voices to heaven in prayer. 

They prayed for the safety of the people, for peace in the land, and for revival to come. Afterwards they went off with their teachers and took time to draw and design a big poster, with the scriptures that they had read for the church members. 

It was such a blessing for everybody at Church to see our children understand and value the power of prayer, and knowing that we are investing in raising up a generation that knows to pray for peace in Israel. Jesus Himself proclaimed in Matthew 21:16

“Do you hear what these children are saying?” they asked him. “Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, ‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise.’”