Palm Sunday Celebration at HomeJTK!

Palm Sunday is a wonderful time of celebration and commemoration. It is a time when we remember how Jesus entered Jerusalem accompanied by the adoration of multitudes of people waving palm tree branches, shouting “Hosanna”, to welcome the King of the Jews. Palm Sunday is also a vivid reminder for all of mankind to receive Jesus into their hearts and of their willingness to follow after Him.

Palm Sunday also serves as a powerful reminder of yet another event that occurred after Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem. Shortly afterward He entered the temple, and consumed with a passion for the house of His Father, Jesus overturned the tables of the merchants and money lenders in the temple and chased them out with a whip.

This event forms a prophetic connection to the exploits of the Maccabees in the Old Testament times when the Jewish warriors cleansed the second temple from pagan defilement with palm branches and rededicated it by burning pure olive oil in the temple menorah. The oil was only enough for a single day but miraculously burned for the eight days necessary to rededicate the temple.

At Home of Jesus the King Church, we went all out to celebrate this wonderful day as it was meant to. You can see from the videos how we sang songs of worship unto the Lord, with even the kids joining it. It was wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit moved among everybody, touching and changing hearts. We also had guests from the nations present, and at one point you can hear the song “This is the Day” sung in English, Dutch, Arabic, and Hebrew. What a moment of unity as brothers and sisters in the body of Christ!