Palm Sunday Nature Trek – Part 1

After church on Palm Sunday, I took my family, Nisreen, Suleiman, and Nirdeen, as well as my brother-in-law and his family, for a pleasant outing in one of the beautiful nature reserves in the Galilee. We had a wonderful time together as a family, sharing in joy, laughter, and love. I do believe that it’s critically important for a Pastor to invest quality time with his family, especially during busy times in ministry.

We rented a little off-road cart and made our way through the Galilean hills, simply enjoying God’s creation and each other’s company. We had also packed a picnic basket, as well as good Arabic coffee to prepare on our camping stove. There’s no better way to drink coffee!

God always has good plans for us, even when we are out in nature, and He loves connecting us with other people who need to hear from Him. As we were busy driving down a particularly beautiful nature trail, we came across two Israeli families who were also driving carts, but who had stopped for a break. God had something pleasant in store for us! Join us for Part 2 of this story in next week’s letter!