Passover/Easter Project: Reconciliation is our Vision and our Mission

This past week we were privileged to reach out a helping hand to the poor, the destitute, and the lonely among Jewish Israelis in our area. Our team has been hard at work assembling over 200 Passover gift boxes with delicious kosher food items and treats for Passover, which we then distributed to Holocaust survivors and orphan soldiers in our neighboring town of Nof Hagalil.

The smiles and the gratitude practically shined on their faces, and we were so humbled to have been used by God to shine the light of Jesus, and to build bridges of reconciliation and blessing between Israeli Arabs and Jews here in the north of Israel.

My dear brother Elias and his team took care of the deliveries. Below is a special video of thanks from the manager of the orphan soldier organization, Yad Ezer la Chaver (A Helping Hand for a Friend).

We want to show Israelis what we as believers are all about by caring for the poor and broken and showing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ to all. Being peacemakers is not easy, and there’s almost always a price to pay, but we are ready to pay that price and to continue spreading the love and Gospel of Jesus despite opposition in the physical and spiritual world. Amen!

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