Passover Project — The Fruits of Your Support!

Passover (Pesach) has finally arrived in Israel, and we’re having a wonderful time celebrating it in the best way we can—by distributing special holiday food boxes to new Jewish immigrant families, as well as Holocaust Survivors in need! It’s such an honor for us to follow in the Lord’s footsteps during Passover, and to “go about doing good,” showing the love of Jesus to the Jewish people during the most important holiday season in Israel.

With the help of our partners, we’ve already managed to prepare and distribute 200 Passover food boxes to Jewish families in need from our neighboring town of Nof HaGalil. It was a joy to see the smiles on people’s faces when we, as Israeli Arab believers, blessed them as Israeli Jews. It’s such a powerful way to build bridges and to facilitate reconciliation between two societies which have historically been very divided.

It was incredible to witness how people’s hearts opened up when they felt and saw the reality of Jesus’ love reflected in our words and actions. These projects of ours have become a powerful tool to create lasting and strong relationships between the Arab and Jewish communities here in our area, laying a foundation for the Gospel message to reach their hearts, and for salvation to reach their homes.

Our goal now is to reach another 200 families during this time of Passover, and this is a big step of faith that we’re taking. We believe that by the grace of God we will be able to continue being a blessing to the Jewish people during Passover by supplying them with our special $40 food boxes, containing more than 20 non-perishable and nutritious food items, as well as grape juice and unleavened bread to celebrate Passover. 

We were also very blessed this past week to have had guests from the nations visit us and assist us in preparing our Passover food boxes for distribution. We are just so thankful for all of our partners and friends like you, who have been standing with us in our work. The work that we’re doing is the fruit of the grace of God and your partnership with us. You truly are making a remarkable difference in Israel!

If you would like to sponsor a single Passover food basket for $40, or multiple food baskets at $40 each, please visit us at (USA) or at (International).

Thank you and God bless!