Praise Report! Special Passover Impact in Nof Hagalil

Thanks to our dear partners like you, we were able to provide more than 100 Ukrainian and Russian Refugees with special Passover/Easter food boxes containing nutritious and delicious food items to properly celebrate the Passover Jewish holidays. This was our way of blessing the Jewish people of Nof Hagalil in a big way!

It was also very special to have our team from HomeJTK there to serve the dear refugee families, and to show them the love of Jesus in an atmosphere of solidarity and love. It really felt like we were one big family, Arab and Jew under the banner of Christ’s love.

We also saw the fruits of the months of relationship that we’ve been building up with the city hall and people of Nof Hagalil, as people were so open to us and the message we brought. When we came to the meeting hall, we were welcomed with warm words and embraces.

The love of Jesus truly can break down the hardest of walls, and mold new bonds of friendship and unity. We have come to be accepted as not only their Arab neighbors, but their fellow Israelis who are striving for reconciliation and peace.

I shared with the people why we at HomeJTK are doing what we are doing, and how God has called us to be peacemakers. I shared how we want to bless the Jewish people, because of the love and grace that Jesus has poured out upon us. As I shared these words, I saw people’s faces shine with joy, and many had tears in their eyes.

These projects of ours—where we reach out to the Jewish people with the love of Jesus—has become more informal and much more relaxed, promoting open doors of trust that allows us to share our hearts and to also be heard in turn.

The need is great and many more people are in need, and we want to expand this initiative in a big way. We want to invite more Jewish refugees and immigrants to these projects. We also want to launch children’s projects where we can bless the parents and their children with school supplies, toys, treats and clothing.

There is so much more we can do to bring Jesus to Israelis and to promote peace between Jews and Arabs, and we invite you to join us by partnering with Home of Jesus the King Church through your prayers and support. Thank you so much and God bless!