Putting a Smile on the Faces of the Elderly this Christmas

Thanks to the support of our donors we were able to bless nearly 100 elderly Israelis at a local old-age home in Nazareth with gift sets containing a blanket, chocolates, and an item of clothing. These precious senior citizens were a mix of Jews and Arabs, and as our team entered their recreation room with singing and dancing, their faces just lit up. They were so thankful for our visit, while many were crying tears of joy, and others were clapping their hands and sang along. Everybody gladly accepted the gifts and thanked us profusely.

There was even a retired rabbi among these dear ones, who rejected our offer of a Christmas gift, but we still hugged him and told him that we loved him. This old-age home never had organizations like Home of Jesus the King visit them, so we promised that we would be back soon to spend time with them, and to bring more care packages. This was such a wonderful time in which we built bridges of love and reconciliation between the senior citizens of Nazareth, both Jew and Arab alike. Amen!

To Stand with our Christmas Day Parade at which we will be handing out more than 3000 kids’ gifts proclaiming Jesus as the Reason for the Season, please visit our donate page.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!