Reaching the People of Israel with God’s Passover Love

Passover and Easter are just around the corner and during these prophetic celebrations, we, as believers, will be commemorating the Passover Lamb of God—Jesus Christ.

From the first-ever celebration of Passover when God delivered the nation of Israel from slavery in Egypt, up until modern-day celebrations in Israel, Passover has always been a powerful prophetic picture of humanity’s redemption that would come through Jesus Christ.

This is why this season of Passover and Easter is the perfect time for us as believers to be a blessing to the unsaved and to reveal how Jesus, the spotless Lamb of God, fulfilled the prophetic significance of Passover and provided salvation through His blood and the cross.

Christ, our Passover, was sacrificed for us…

1 Corinthians 5:7

During this time of Passover and Easter, we want to shine the love of the Passover Lamb of God with more than 500 families through acts of care and compassion. Among these 500 families will be 300 Jewish families, and 200 nominal Christian families.

The Jewish families will consist of Holocaust survivors, Ukrainian and Russian refugees, as well as orphan IDF soldiers. We want to show the Holocaust survivors what the love of Jesus and real Christianity looks like, in contrast to what they experienced in their time of persecution during the Holocaust and pogroms of the Second World War. We want them to experience the love of God in full measure!

The Ukrainian and Russian refugees will also be a special focus of ours because there’s currently a lot of animosity between Ukrainian and Russian refugees in Israel. We want to nurture forgiveness and love between them, by celebrating Passover with them and sharing the love and forgiveness of Christ with them. We want to encourage them to lift up their eyes to Heaven, look beyond the political machinations in the countries they fled from, and let the time of Passover and Easter be a time of reconciliation.

We will also be blessing orphaned Israeli soldiers during this time, as they have no families to love and support them during the holidays, and we want them to know that they are not forgotten by God, but that He has a wonderful plan for their lives and that He loves them, with an everlasting love. In Psalm 27:10 we read “For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me in.

The special Passover/Easter care packages that we will distribute to these dear ones will contain essential food items for the month, including items specifically manufactured for the Passover meal, as well as sweat treats, and a special gift for Passover.

You can bless a Holocaust Survivor, a family of refugees, or an orphaned soldier with a special Passover/Easter care package for $40. Perhaps you, your home group, or your church would like to support multiple individuals with a $40 care package?

Please prayerfully consider helping us share the love and message of the Passover Lamb of God, Jesus, to the people of Israel during this upcoming Passover/Easter period.

Thanks and God bless!