Rejuvenating Home of Jesus the King Church!

We are so excited to announce that we have commenced with much-needed renovations of our facilities at Home of Jesus the King Church. For a while now, our church building has been in dire need of structural repairs and renovations to create a better functioning and  more welcoming space for our congregation and the community to enjoy.

We believe that the Lord is taking us into a new season with regards to the scope of our work and the efficacy of our projects, and that we need to improve our church facilities in order to better serve our members and to carry out our mission as effectively as possible. It is time to “enlarge the place of our tent.”

“Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold back; lengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes.” – Isaiah 54:2

This project of “rejuvenating” our church facilities will involve several phases of upgrades that will eventually culminate into the vision that we have for our church’s new design and feel. Here below follows a breakdown of each phase of the renovations, as well as the costs associated with it:

1. Lighting Upgrades:

The current light fixtures in our church auditorium are old and frequently fail, and need to be replaced entirely. A complete new set of energy-efficient light fixtures will lower the overall electrical costs, and create a better-lit and more inviting atmosphere for our worship services and events. This complete overhaul of our auditorium’s lighting will amount to $1000.

2. Wall Repairs, Paint and Decor Overhaul:

Our church’s interior walls need to be repaired and painted entirely due to cracks and peeling. In addition we need to overhaul the decor on the main wall of the front stage. We want to create a pristine and beautiful interior space where people can enjoy God’s presence and worship in complete freedom. This phase of the renovations will cost us $2000.

3. Front Stage Flooring:

Our front stage’s floor surface needs to be completely removed and replaced with good-quality flooring to ensure a safe and durable surface for our worship band and speakers to minister from, as well as for ministry-related events being led from the stage.  This phase of the renovations will cost us $2000.

4. Chair Upgrades:

Our current complement of chairs in our auditorium have been serving us for many years, but have now reached the end of their usefulness, as they are no longer comfortable, in good condition, nor reliable to sit on. A new complement of chairs will enable our congregants to enjoy comfortable seating while being ministered to or worshiping before the throne of God. This phase of the renovations will cost us $5000.

We would love to invite you, your home group or church to consider supporting this important undertaking to rejuvenate our church facilities. It’s not just a necessary new project for Home of Jesus the King Church, but it’s another important step in “enlarging the place of our tent.”

We look forward to keeping you posted on our renovation progress through our weekly newsletters, along with photos and videos to ensure that you can closely follow the transformation of our church facilities.

Thank you for your prayers, faith, and support towards this endeavor. Together we are lifting up the name of Jesus in Israel, and creating a sanctuary where people from all walks of life can congregate in worship and adoration of the King of Kings. Amen!