Sharing on Vision Norge

During my recent ministry trip to Norway, I had the wonderful privilege to share about Home of Jesus the King Church, as well as what God is accomplishing in Israel, on the well-known Norwegian Christian TV channel “Vision Norge.”

It was an amazing time in fellowship with other ministers from Norway and the TV presenter at Vision Norge, while I opened my heart about the critical work that HomeJTK is doing in building bridges among Jews and Arabs in Israel, by sharing the Gospel, demonstrating the love of Jesus, and doing impacting humanitarian aid among these communities in Israel.

I was so blessed to see the heart of the Norwegian people for the nation of Israel, and their desire to see the Gospel of Jesus established in Israel, with the Kingdom of God bearing much fruit unto salvation through local churches and ministers. I truly thank God for the Norwegian people, that they stand with the believers in Israel, that they pray for Israel, and that they are blessing the move of God in Israel. God bless Norway!