Soldiers House Feeding Project


We had the privilege to visit the “Soldiers House” in Haifa and to bless a group of lone soldiers who are living there. These are Israeli military personnel who do not have families, or whose families are not in Israel, or who have problems at home. At the “Soldiers House” they have the opportunity to serve their country, while having a place to call home. They also come from different backgrounds, being Jewish, Druze, Arab and Christian.

These soldiers live very lonely lives, as they are without families, or live very far away from their loved ones. We wanted to bless them with food packages, containing ready to eat food products, along with other daily foods essentials. It was also our intention to comfort them, and to show with them the love and the light of Jesus through our words and deeds.

They were very thankful for our visit and for our help. One of the female soldiers commented that our visit was proof that we as Israelis can co-exist peacefully and work together for friendship and unity in Israel.

The soldiers also invited us to come back again soon, as they really appreciated our visit and our support. We had a wonderful time with these young  people, as you can see in the video. It filled us with hope and encouragement for the young generation in Israel.

Thank you partners! Because of your help, we are able to bless these young soldiers of Israel, showing them Jesus’ love, while building bridges of reconciliation and peace. God bless you!