Meeting Jesus Changed Everything  – Tabgha Devotional with Pastor Saleem

In the book of John we can read the story of how Peter encountered Jesus when he went back to fishing after having met Jesus and forged a remarkable relationship with Him. 

Peter thought after having met Jesus he could actually go back to his old life as a fisherman, as though nothing’s changed. 

He didn’t realize that meeting Jesus changes everything. 

Jesus appeared before Peter after resurrecting and asked Peter three times: “Do you love me?” — a question that frankly offended Peter. He couldn’t understand why Jesus seemingly doubted of His love for Him. 

But Jesus had a deeper reason for asking that question beyond reaffirming Peter’s love. He wanted to show Peter that his for Jesus love would need to be extended to others, so He told His disciple: “Feed my sheep.” 

That is the calling of every pastor and church leader. However, it is also common for pastor and leaders to get hurt by their church members, who then also leave the church thinking the pastor doesn’t care about them. 

Pastors are called to extend the love they have for Jesus to their flock, and feed them. But the flock also needs to understand the pastor’s situation. 

Judas was one of Jesus’ closest disciples who followed Him for three years, witnessing every possible miracle Jesus had done. Yet nothing happened, no change had taken place on the inside, his heart remained untouched and unchanged. 

Standing outside the church in Tabgha, Galilee, where Jesus appeared before Peter after His resurrection, there’s a powerful statue that represents the passing of Jesus’ pastoral anointing to Peter, to continue being a fisher, but of men. 

When we think about Jesus question for Peter: “Do you love me?” knowing what He actually meant, are we brave enough to ask ourselves the same question? Are we truly living in the will of God for our lives? 

Judas had the best teacher in the world, Jesus. He witnessed miracles, healings, supernatural things that wasn’t normal to see without realizing it was God. Yet that changed nothing inside him. Judas went on to lie and deceive his Master. 

Before you let your emotions get the best of you and you feel offended by your pastor, keep your focus on Jesus, not on the church, or pastor, or people around you. Keeping your eyes focused on Jesus will always take you to the right place. 

Do you love Jesus? Then feed His sheep. Love everybody, because that love is an extension of your love for Jesus. 

That is our mission at HomeJTK, to share that love and good news of Jesus with people around us, feeding them, and teaching them the word of God.

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