Talpiyot Christmas Food Project


Here at HomeJTK we are always looking for opportunities to reach more and more people with the Gospel, as well as with effective humanitarian aid. We believe that we are not just to speak faith, but also to act upon our faith, and to go around doing good, just as Jesus Himself did. It was therefore a wonderful and divine open door when one of church members from the city of Talpiyot came to me, to share about the burden of the poor in that city.

He explained to me that multitudes of the elderly and the poor show up daily at the Talpiyot Outdoor Market to collect all the damaged fruits and vegetables that were not sold during the day, as they simply can’t afford to purchase produce themselves. They rely on the charity of others. These impoverished people were mainly Jews.

As soon as I heard about these dear people, I knew in my heart that we as HomeJTK had to mobilize and take action. The next day we started packing food hampers containing a variety of nutritious and long-lasting food products for distribution to the poor at the Talpiyot Market.  As soon as we arrived at the market during the afternoon hours, we started spotting the ones in need immediately.

As me and my team started handing out food hampers to the needy, we were met with shock and disbelief. These dear people have never before seen Israeli Arabs blessing the Jewish people, and showing them such love! Once the initial shock wore off, great big smiles appeared on people’s faces, and among some even tears of joy. They were so thankful and it was a powerful testimony of what the love of Jesus can accomplish!

They asked us so many questions about who we were and why we did what we did, and it was a joy to share about Jesus and our faith in Him.  We also assured them that we would be back every month to continue blessing them with food hampers. We also intend to buy them fresh fruit and vegetables, in addition to the hampers we prepare at our humanitarian center in Nazareth.

In 1 John 3:17 we read the following: “If someone who has worldly means sees a brother in need and refuses him compassion, how can the love of God remain in him?” These words are a massive driving force for us to do what we do—helping the poor and needy, and demonstrating the love of God practically to people.

We also launched this project because we wanted to expand our humanitarian projects’ reach, and to focus on additional sectors of Israeli society. We would love for you to join us in our efforts to shine the light and love of Jesus among Israelis. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us on a monthly basis? Together we can do so much more!

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