The Feast of Trumpets—Let Yeshua’s Light Shine through Us


Rosh Hashanah—the Feast of Trumpets—is one of the most profoundly significant biblical feasts. It is a feast that alerts us to the Lord’s imminent return.

The Bible speaks clearly about how, as believers, we must be ready for the return of Jesus, and the way to be ready is to become a light in the darkness.

There’s no greater manifestation of the Lord’s light than to show kindness to those in need. His love is our guiding light, and that is what people see in us when we help them in their hour of need.

Both Jews and Arabs are bound together as an Abrahamic family, while the new covenant in Jesus went even further and made us one new man in Him.

Our goal is to be a beacon of light in the darkness, shining the love of Christ on all those we reach out to, foster reconciliation while carrying a message of unity and reminding everybody that we are part of the same Abrahamic family — a bridge between Israeli Jews and Arabs.

We are committed to continue blessing the Jewish people as a testimony of Yeshua’s endless love and compassion.

It is our duty, as well as privilege to reach out, support and bless the Jewish community during the Rosh Hashanah (Feast of Trumpets) season.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help us bless 300 Jewish families in need. Among them there are Holocaust survivors, Ukrainian refugees and new Olim (immigrants) that have left everything behind and came to the Land with a little more than the clothes on their backs.

We assembled together very special food packages to help families celebrate their first Rosh Hashanah in the land of Israel with dignity, surrounded by the care of love of those that love Jesus.

Help us make this Feast of Trumpets (Rosh Hashanah) truly an unforgettable one for these families by supporting this project and donating today.

This is the perfect time to make a difference, inspire hope, while reflecting the reality of Feast of Trumpets that comes to announce our Lord’s imminent return.

May the blessings of the Feast of Trumpets be upon you and your loved ones.