“Time is Ticking” – ICEJ Conference held in Lincoln UK

The International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem held a conference on the subject of “Time is Ticking” in the historic and ancient town of Lincoln, UK. It was such a blessing to see so many people and pastors from all across the UK together to share in fellowship, direct their faith, and seek out the Lord during these last days that we’re living in, and to learn of the role that the nation of Israel plays in this season that we’re in.

It was a powerful time together in the presence of the Lord, and many people came to hear the truth of what’s happening in Israel spiritually and physically, which is something they would never hear through the world’s media outlets. I also shared my personal testimony of how God changed me from a person that reviled Israel to a believer that loved and prayed for Israel. My testimony touched a lot of hearts and served as an example of what the Lord is busy doing among Jews and Arabs in Israel.

I preached a sermon focused on how God is reuniting the families of Abraham, and how He is bringing the elder and the younger sons together. I shared about the reconciliation that God is facilitating between Arab and Jewish believers in the land of Israel, and how the Lord has positioned ministries like Home of Jesus the King Church as a “bridge-builder” to restore relationships between Arabs and Jews in the Land.

I also shared a sermon called “Are We Fulfilling the Will of God?” in which I focussed on three questions: Did we fulfill the will of God in the past as the Church? Are we fulfilling the Will of God today as the Church? Will we fulfill the Will of God in the future as the Church?

Many people were touched to hear the surprising, but good news, of what is happening in Israel between Arabs and Jews, and they were tremendously encouraged by the spiritual transformation that is happening in Israel, as a sign that God is preparing the world for harvest and for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Amen!