War Relief—Standing with the Affected Families

By God’s grace and the support of our partners, we’ve been able to distribute 500 toiletries and hygienic hampers to Israeli families affected by the war in the communities and towns around Gaza. In addition we’ve also sent more than 300 food boxes, packed with ready to eat food items, to affected families. We also remembered the children, and included packs of chocolates to paint a smile on their faces!

These toiletries hampers and food boxes will be distributed to these families through our Jewish partner organizations: the Nof HaGalil City Hall, the Ezer leChaver charity, Beit Hallel Congregation, and the One for Israel ministry. Thanks partners for making this happen! You are actively making a different in the lives of those affected by the war, and for that we are so grateful.

The next and exciting phase of our outreach to victims of the war, is to provide them with handy coffee stove kits. These kits are ideal for camping or when on the move, as they include a small gas burner, a pot, cups, as well as good-quality ground coffee.  Since thousands of Israeli families have been displaced because of the war, the coffee kits will be a huge blessing. Initially we’re aiming to buy and distribute 200 of these units at 90 Shekels each ($22) to affected families.

We would love for you to join with us in this practical and useful blessing to those affected by the war.  This is all about shining the love of Jesus, and to demonstrate to these dear ones that God has not forgotten them, and that He cares for them. To stand with us in this worthy endeavor, please take action at homejtk.org/donate  Thank you and God bless!