Wrong Time, Wrong Tools, and Wrong Location?

We are living in an exciting time in which many prophetic events are happening all around us, especially here in the land of Israel. The Word of God prophecies that the revival that will take the world by storm will begin with a big revival in Israel, as we read in Romans 11:15 – “For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?

However, as this season unfolds all around us, we also need to realize that sometimes it’s possible to embrace the wrong times, the wrong locations, and the wrong tools.

For example, if we look at the story of when Jesus asked Peter to go fishing during the daytime—that was according to people’s general understanding, a wrong decision. Daytime wasn’t a good time to go fishing in the Lake of Galilee, and was perceived as the “wrong time.”

Jesus asked Peter to go out into the deep water to cast his net. The net was the “wrong tool” to fish in the deep water, as the fish in the Lake of Galilee are tropical fish that like warm water, and prefer shallower water. The net seemed like the wrong tool according to man’s understanding, and the deep water as the “wrong location.”

In the same way, many may believe that it is the wrong time we live in and that the time isn’t ripe for revival and harvest in Israel.

Some may believe that the tools here in Israel — Arab and Jew — are the wrong tools to usher in revival, as people do not expect them to work together as One New Man in Christ.

Furthermore, some may say that the location is all wrong, as how can the tiny land of Israel have an impact on world revival? The Bible is filled with prophecies that say otherwise, and that the land of Israel forms a critical part of God’s prophetic future for mankind.

Despite all the paradigms and mindsets that might exist in the world regarding Israel, all things are in the hands of Jesus. He can bring forth sweet water from the rock, and in the same way, He can let revival spring forth from Israel, even if all the signs show the opposite.

What we are seeing today here in Israel, many prophets have prophesied about and have longed to see with their own eyes. We as Arab and Jewish believers in Israel are working together to bring Jesus to the people of Israel, and to build out the Kingdom of God for His glory.

During the month of March, Pastor Israel and I will be attending a conference together in Dubai that is geared toward unity in the Middle East among believers. Pastor Israel and I will be representing Israel as living proof of the love and unity that is possible between Arabs and Jews, and that it is truly possible to live peaceably in the Middle East as One New Man in Christ.