Visiting the President of Israel

This past week I had the wonderful privilege to attend a function held at the residence of Isaac Herzog, the President of Israel. President Herzog wanted to take the time to show his appreciation of Israel’s Christian population, and to wish all in attendance a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It was incredibly humbling to hear the kind and generous words spoken by President Herzog in honor of Israel’s Christians. It was also quite a surprise as many times we Christians aren’t aware that there are those in governmental positions that love and appreciate who we are and what we do in Jesus’ name.

The function itself was lovely and we were treated to a delicious meal and enjoyed fellowship with governmental officials from all walks of life, as well as with our Christian brothers and sisters from different denominations in Israel.

President Herzog continued by speaking about the fact that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle-East, and the only nation where freedom of religion is a reality. The freedom that we enjoy here in Israel is unparalleled throughout the Middle-East. The Israeli Minister of Interior, Ayelet Shaked, was also present to greet us and to say a few words of welcome.

It was very important for us as Christian leaders to see that the Israeli government is acknowledging the presence of Christians in Israel, and also acknowledging the value that Christians bring to the land of Israel. This was also a very important meeting for us as Christians to shine the light and love of Jesus before these government officials.