War Relief Effort—Look at What You’ve Accomplished!

Partners, you are making an impact! Because of your support we have been able to bless multitudes of war-affected families currently being hosted in hotels in Nof HaGalil. These dear ones were evacuated from Israeli communities in south and north, that have come under fire from terrorist forces.

Through your help we were able to purchase good-quality winter clothes to the value of $5000 for these families, in collaboration with the mayor and city hall of the Jewish city of Nof HaGalil. In addition we also purchased shoes from well-known brands to the value of $2000, for distribution to the children and adults being hosted in Nof HaGalil.

These dear families had to escape the war zones quickly, and didn’t have time to pack suitcases with all the essentials that they would need, especially for the approaching winter season. As such, it was such a joy to see the gratitude and relief on these dear people’s faces as they arrived to receive the aid that we prepared for them. It was like witnessing a thirsty man drinking a glass of cold water!

This first phase of our war relief effort was geared towards 400 people displaced by the war, and it was a wonderful success. Our work doesn’t stop here though. We still have an additional 500 people that require our help in Nof HaGalil, and during the second phase of our war relief project we will aim to also provide them with new winter clothes and shoes.

Thank you donors for your support, and we ask that you please continue standing with us in this next phase of our war relief effort. Thanks and God bless!