We just Launched our New Instagram Page!

We just love staying in touch with our friends and partners like you, and we have found Social Media to be an excellent platform to share daily snippets from Nazareth on the wonderful things that God is doing here in the land of Israel. Not only that, but social media allows us to share daily inspirations from the Word of God, and to help you walk with Christ throughout your day. It’s also a wonderful way to hear back from you, and to understand how you are doing, what the situation is in your country is like, and how we can pray for you.

As such, we have decided to launch our dedicated Instagram channel for just that purpose. My daughter Nirdeen will be taking charge of our social media platforms, as she now has the time available, having finished school, and doing her national service. We have found that people are very interested in our activities in real time, and therefor the reels and stories we will be posting on Instagram will keep people in the loop, especially regarding the spiritual climate in Nazareth and in Israel.

So please follow us on Instagram and look for our featured daily verses, news updates, teaching devotionals, reels from me and our team, as well as a bunch of other inspirational and uplifting content. Please click the link below to follow us on our new Instagram page: